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Tips on speeding up load time of WP e-commerce plugin in Admin Panel

I have to say WP e-commerce solves a big problem for so many of us who want to set up an online shopping site. It’s so lovely to have it around. But I have to admit that accessing e-commerce menu in administration panel is a headache, especially when web server is on a slow network. Therefore, I try figuring out how to speed it up. Here is what I noticed:

  1. The plugin tries to load feeds from http://www.instinct.co.nz/feed by making the following call (display_log.php):

    You can just comment out this line if you want. This works for me in my development environment.

  2. Line 45 at display_log.php contains an Order by which is unnecessary when getting a total, this line can be commented out:

    $sql = “SELECT COUNT(*) AS `count` FROM `”.$wpdb->prefix.”purchase_logs` WHERE `date`!=” ORDER BY `date` DESC”;
  3. The other thing that I notice is WP e-commerce is also loading the dashboard page which I am not sure what’s rational behind, so if you really want to get rid of that then you will have to change the code there
  4. There may be other places you can tune so that it performs better, please let me know if you notice any so that I can make this tip better and thorough

Finally, please note where you comment out so that you can uncomment them out when you really need them.

By the way, if you find this tip is valuable please let a comment


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  1. Hi, I noticed that apart from the administration pane, WP-Ecommerce is slowing down my entire site, penalizing its usability. To be more correct, I noticed that in the main product page (Where reasonably everybody would have thumbnails for all their products showing) is loading not just the thumbnails but EVERY image you uploaded for each product, even if the css will not show it. I’m not sure what’s the logic of this move, but I guess it has something to do with the use of Lightbox to present the gallery of each product, and maybe Lightbox requires to preload everysingleimage in order to offer a gallery experience that is faster… My site is http://www.frustone.com, we’re australians and have contacted Instinct for clarifications, but we didn’t come up with anything useful. I must say that the free version of the plugin is free, and therefore you can’t have all the support you want for free. they as well offer tokens to buy, for support. But I really prefer to discuss this issues with users. So please, if you also noticed this weird behavior of WP-eCommerce plugin, please drop me a line at info@frustone.com

    Thanks for useful advices in this blog


    Pier Giorgio

    Comment by worldoffrustone | September 29, 2008 | Reply

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