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Good tutorial articles on extracting still images from videos

If you are presenting videos on web pages for people to download it might be a good idea to give an overview of the video by displaying some screenshots from the video. This way your site visitors do not have to download videos they are really not interested in saving your network bandwidth and your visitors’ time.

Here is the list of articles I looked at and learned how to use these free available softwares to extract still images for my videos. By the way, it’s time consuming to go through so many articles online since some of them really don’t help you much.

  1. Save a Picture from a Video using Microsoft Movie Maker. Movie maker is available to any of the Microsoft XP and Vista, you get it for free
  2. Extract Still Image from DVD Video using VLC player
  3. Extracting and Printing Video Stills This article illustrated how to use both Microsoft Movie Maker and VirtualDub (another free video editor available )
  4. Extract images from videos using Imagegrab. Personally I didn’t try this software but based on the article it seems to be a decent free software, you can give it a try though
  5. Next comes how to extract images and text from flash movie (SWF) . It shows how to extract images and text from flash movie using Movies Extractor Scout
  6. How to extract contents from FLV files It uses a software called FLV Extract which is a light application able to extract movie, music and text contents from flv files.

That’s all I have for now, I am sure some of you also have good ways to do that. Please leave a comment for that. Thanks


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