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Answering Sticky Kid Questions

I’m constantly flummoxed by the off-the-wall questions I get from my kids. Like the time my older daughter, then 5, asked me why her stuffed-pig lovey doesn’t have a penis. He’s a boy, isn’t he? My profound lack of adequate answers was never more clearly on display. I’m faced with stumpers like this practically every day, usually when I’m busy cooking dinner or driving down the highway. What do groundhogs eat? Why do mommies have milk in them and daddies don’t? What number comes after twenty-‘leven? Why isn’t a tooth too heavy for the tooth fairy to carry? Can she fly with it? Will her wings break? What if she crashes? ([XREF {http://theparentingpost.parenting.com/funny_qs_kids_ask/index.html} {See more funny questions kids ask}]!)

Face it, with kids, pretty much no topic goes unexplored. And while I can’t help anyone with twenty-‘leven (or, for that matter, the dining habits of groundhogs), I have found some answers to the questions you’ve probably asked.

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