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Tips on installing Zen Cart

Installing Zen Cart is a bit complicated than OSCommerce but still straightforward. You shouldn’t have any problems with setting it up by just following “1.readme_installation.html” included in the release. Here I’d like to write down how I set up Zen Cart with Apache Virtual host.

  1. Download Zen-Cart and unzip it into a directory wherever you like. It doesn’t have to be under apache’s htdocs
  2. Create a MySQL database and its corresponding DB account for your Zen Cart. If you have access to phpMyAdmin, then you can do a google/yahoo search on that. It should be pretty easy. Remember that you don’t have to use phpMyAdmin, you can always any other tools available to you such as MySQL client Continue reading

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Cellphone wallpapers – Cartoon

Wallpaper sizes: 128 x 128

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Auto-restoration of the previously opened pages is a panicky feature in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 trys to get smarter over firefox 2, but some of the little features are really frightening sometimes. For example, the auto-restoration feature of the previously opened tabs and windows, what happens in this case is after re-starting firefox 3 which is having a few pages opened in different tabs and re-launching it, all your previously-open tabs and windows are automatically (without asking you to confirm, note it asks you to confirm reload them in firefox 2) restored. Holly smoke, I feel really annoyed because sometimes I have to restart firefox and start a fresh firefox session to get rid of those hanging tabs/pages, and now I am back in that again.

I tried to search for a solution on mozilla.org, unfortunately, nobody is mentioning that, so I guess I am probably the only one experiencing it. However, I am still hoping someone can tell me how to turn it off

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A Manifesto for the Next Industrial Revolution

21st century capitalism needs a revolution. How does growth happen – from a strategic point of view? The great Joseph Schumpeter argued that growth happens through a process of creative destruction. There’s a simpler word for that: turbulence.

Google utilized a market – AdWords – to utterly eviscerate a stale, broken media value chain. Here’s a more visceral example. Muhammad Yunus revolutionized finance – not by collecting more money to lend, but by using communities to fundamentally alter the value equation of lending to the poor. The result was industry transformation.

The revolution needs revolutionaries. Today’s investors, boardrooms and entrepreneurs are looking for value in all the wrong places. Facebook’s game of musical chairs won’t solve big economic problems – and neither will making token investments in greentech.

Where is the next industrial revolution crying out for revolutionaries? Simple: in industries dominated by clear, durable, structural barriers to efficiency and productivity.

The next industrial revolution begins here. What happens when we think of using new DNA to reorganize structurally inefficient industries? A blueprint for the next industrial revolution emerges. Here’s what it looks like.

Organize the world’s hunger.
Organize the world’s energy.
Organize the world’s thirst.
Organize the world’s health.
Organize the world’s freedom.
Organize the world’s finance.
Organize the world’s education.

That’s not an exhaustive list – it’s just a beginning. In fact, let’s open source it: please add to it (“organize the world’s xyz”), and we’ll keep an index here or elsewhere.

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Tips of Disable Firefox 3.0 Smart Location Bar

Hey, man, firefox 3 is fast, great on memory handling, excellent user experience and great with add-on manager, I feel so happy to have it around, especially after so many times of crashs and memory hogging of firefox 2 in all my environment recently. However, after a new days of use, I notice that the new “smart location bar” or “awesome bar” is really annoying, I don’t know how many people really like it, especially when you really only want it popping up the list of the related and previously entered URLs/IP addresses. I really feel dizzy when seeing all related URLs popped up like a cloud (tag clouds). There is no decent way to turned off from its option manager. Anyway, I think some of you may feel the same I do. Therefore, we need to turn this thing off!

Steps to get rid of it:

Step 1: Type about:config in the location bar
Step 2: Type “urlbar” next to Filter field
Step 3 Change two things here:
set browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped to true
and browser.urlbar.maxRichResults to 1 or 0.

Here is a list of articles on how to turn off this beast in details:

  1. Get old location bar behavior back?
  2. How To Turn off Smart Location bar in Firefox 3.0
  3. Firefox 3: Disable The “Smart” Location Bar (Sort Of)
  4. Video: Disable Firefox 3’s ‘awesome bar’


Possible values and their effects
0  –  Search anywhere within available text, irrespective of word boundaries.
1  –  Use word boundaries first when searching, then try matching anywhere in the text. (Default)
2  –  Use only word boundaries when searching for typed text in the Location Bar autocomplete.


Possible values and their effects
A non-negative integer corresponding to the maximum number of entries that can appear in the Location Bar auto-complete dropdown. Default is 12

I hope you feel relaxing now just like me do!

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