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How to install DStore for Eclipse RSE (Remote System Explorer)

I just noticed that Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede J2EE package includes RSE – Remote System Explorer – a framework and toolkit that allows you to connect and work with a variety of remote systems, including

  • remote file systems through SSH, FTP or dstore agents (seamless editing of remote files including remote search and compare),
  • remote shell access (compiling with error navigation),
  • remote process handling through dstore agents,
  • and remote debugging through CDT/gdb/gdbserver.

I am not sure if it’s included in any 3.3.x releases but I know we should be able to install it just like any other eclipse plugins. Out of the box, you can use RSE to browse through your local system. And you can also easily set up an FTP connection to an FTP server, and then you are ready to use it just with any other FTP clients such as Filezilla client, CuteFTP and FTPExplorer.

Ok, let’s get started on installing DStore Server for remote system explorer.

Install a DStore server for Eclipse remote access:

  1. First, make sure you have Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) J2EE installed. If not you can download it from eclipse.org. Or you can install it using Eclipse Software Update Manager pointing to http://ganymede-mirror2.eclipse.org/dsdp/tm/updates/3.0/. Select the RSE SDK feature, and perform the update process as usual
  2. Install Dstore Server on your system, I am using Windows XP. Go to Target Management project RSE downloads to pick up a build, I am selecting 3.0. On the next page, scroll down to click rseserver-3.0-windows.zip for Windows platform to start downloading. After download is complete, unzip it into a directory.
  3. Double click daemon.bat to start the daemon. We will just use the default configuration. You can modify the configuration such as port number and timeout
  4. Now your Dstore Server is ready to serve your requests just like a normal terminal

To connect to a remote DStore server:

  1. Open Eclipse’s Remote System Explorer perspective
  2. Right click to bring up the context menu and choose “New Connection”,
  3. Choose Windows and fill in hostname on next page
  4. Set DStore server’s settings as shown in the picture:

  5. Now, right click the connection you just created and choose “connect” from the context menu. It may complain The connection is not SSL secured. Ignore the message and proceed by clicking “OK”
  6. Now you can click “Files” to browse the system files and directories.
  7. Or you can also launch a shell by right click “Shells” and choose to start working on shell. You can type any your system commands to see what happens.

Pretty amazing, a. You will love it

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