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How to view more than 7 days’ history data in wordpress.com

While blogging in your wordpress.com account, you may always want to check if your blog’s pageviews is increased or improved, what trend of blog is, where are the visitors coming from, which posts have better pageviews, and even search terms from search engine. I found referrer and search statistics are very useful, they are great hints to improve your blogs pageranks in search engines such as google, yahoo etc. But I was feeling hopeless to see only 7 days history data and then I found it’s a simple job to view more statistic data back to history ;-). This howto is about going beyond the limited history data (by default 7 days) to 9 days (seems it still doesn’t solve my issue though, but what can we do).

If you logged in and visit your wordpress stat page using this link http://<YOUR_USERNAME>.wordpress.com/wp-admin/index.php?page=stats or moving your mouse over your wordpress.com admin “My Account” menu and clicking stat, you will be presented with wodpress.com’s statistics page. There are 7 sections: Pageviews Graphs(daily, weekly and monthly), Referrers, Top Posts & Pages, Search Engine Terms, Clicks, Blog Stat and Incoming Links. We will see how to view more history data for Referrers, Top Posts & Pages, Search Engine Terms, Clicks.

As mentioned above, WordPress.com currently only displays 7 days history data for wordpress bloggers, but this limit can be modified through changing URLs on your browser’s location bar. Note the system currently only allows for a max of 9 days’ result to be returned and default to 7 days, here is how:

For Referrers, the link looks like the following:


Note numdays=7, this parameter is used to inform wordpress of how many days it should return Referrers, you can give any value to this variable but the system will only return you maximum 9 days result, smart ah. If you specify a big number, then wordpress will basically just trunk the list to cover only latest 9 days, don’t be discouraged, this is better than 7 days. And plus you can always click a day on the flash graph to display that day’s statistics.

Similarly you can view more than limited history data for Top Posts & Pages, Search Engine Terms and Clicks.

For Top Posts & Pages:


For Search Engine Terms:


For Clicks:


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  1. http://.wordpress.com/wp-admin/index.php?page=stats

    wath this?

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