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Eclipse Skins to make your Eclipse IDE spicy

Eclipse skins/themes provide custom look and feels to your Eclipse platform and make your monotonous working environment spicy. My old versions of Eclipse (3.1.2 and 3.3.2, not so old, right?) do have 2-3 working skins that I like, note that VS Improved Presentation doesn’t work on 3.3.2 as expected, also see notes from VS Improved Presentation. After upgraded to Eclipse 3.4 – Ganymede – skin VS Improved Presentation still behaves very weird, even with the latest version of it, I am assuming the author still doesn’t have time to fix it.

Here are other skins that I am using:

Installing them is very simple. If you know how to manually install Eclipse plugin, then you are all set, just unzip the plugin into eclipse’s plugins directory or copy the jar file that directory.

After installing it, you need to restart eclipse. Then go to “Window->Preferences->General->Appearance” and change “Current presentation” to a Presentation that you like, now you need to restart eclipse again.

After it’s up and you can go to preference and select a theme to best suit your taste. You are warned there are not many themes available though, ha, better than nothing.

You are all done, enjoy it!


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How to install DStore for Eclipse RSE (Remote System Explorer)

I just noticed that Eclipse 3.4 Ganymede J2EE package includes RSE – Remote System Explorer – a framework and toolkit that allows you to connect and work with a variety of remote systems, including

  • remote file systems through SSH, FTP or dstore agents (seamless editing of remote files including remote search and compare),
  • remote shell access (compiling with error navigation),
  • remote process handling through dstore agents,
  • and remote debugging through CDT/gdb/gdbserver.

I am not sure if it’s included in any 3.3.x releases but I know we should be able to install it just like any other eclipse plugins. Out of the box, you can use RSE to browse through your local system. And you can also easily set up an FTP connection to an FTP server, and then you are ready to use it just with any other FTP clients such as Filezilla client, CuteFTP and FTPExplorer.

Ok, let’s get started on installing DStore Server for remote system explorer. Continue reading

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