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Incorrect URLs for images, css and js files in Products page of WP e-commerce plugin

After adding a few products with photos to one of the newly defined categories and following the steps as stated in Tips on how to reset default category in WP e-commerce plugin’s admin panel, I am able to see the products listed in the page but none of them with the uploaded photos. This really puzzled me for a while, and I even debugged the code for sometime. However, it turns out e-commerce plugin producing incorrect URLs for images, css and js files included by the plugin, these URLs are in the format of system directory, such as C:\tools\wordpress-2.5.1\wp-content\….. Once the root cause of the issue is found, the fix is a bit easier.

Here I am providing the fixes so that folks who have the similar issues will benefit from it. Continue reading


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Tips on how to reset default category in WP e-commerce plugin’s admin panel

The issue that first time users of WP e-commerce will always encounter is “products page” doesn’t show any products added so far, the reason for that is because you might choose different product category instead the default category. Then the question becomes “how do we set Wp e-commerce’s default category”, here is how you can do it in WP e-commerces 3.6.6 with WordPress 2.5.1: Continue reading

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No products showing on WP e-commerce’s (3.6.6) “Products Page” even there are a few added

Installed wordpress 2.5.1 out of the box, and have it running for quite sometime. Installed WP e-commerce 3.6.6 yesterday, and added a new product group and a few new categories while leaving the default categories and brand untouched, everything works fine so far except that you can’t really delete the newly added categories. As a side note, the “Product Groups” page is confusing and not self-explaining, hope someone will put a meaningful explanation or help on the page.

Then added a few products and associated them with the new product categories, and go to “Products Page”, all I see is:

Category Loading Updating…
There are no items in this category.

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