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Little Tricks on Download and Test Open Flash Chart

While finding a chart package for my project I noticed Open Flash Chart is very promising, so I decided to download it and try it out. Well, what’s good about Open Flash Chart? let’s see what the owner writes:

Open Flash Chart, is open source. It is free to use and you get the source code to fiddle with!

then How does it work?

  1. User browses to your web site.
  2. The browser downloads the web page which contains the Open Flash Chart.
  3. Open Flash Chart downloads the data file and displays the chart.

It sounds pretty easy, right? However, I had to spend quite sometime finding out the download link from Open Flash Chart’s homepage. I did try to click other links to see which one is going to take me to the download page, the page seems very sneaky though, and finally I clicked the one at the top right corner of the page which led me to the login page of sourceforge.net and I have to do a search from to get the very download page. I am sure some of you encountered the same issue as I did. Here I’d like to write down what I experienced so that my experience could benefit others.

First the homepage of Open Flash Chart is here, which actually is the documentation page. I guess you will have to stay there for a while to read and understand how Open Flash Chart works

Secondly, go to sourceforge.net to download the packge and follow the tutorial to install the package.

[Update at 07-09-08]: http://www.teethgrinder.co.uk/open-flash-chart/download.php should work now! Continue reading


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How to make free MP3, MP4 WAV ringtones from your music collections

Most modern cell phones support custom ringtones, googling/yahooing up “ringtones” keyword and you’ll get tons of sites that will charge you a few bucks per tone. Ever thought you can make your own ringtones using your favorite songs/audio files? Even choosing your favorite parts of your favorite songs/audio files instead of getting the fixed ringtones which you may not like that much?

Here I’d like to walk you through the process of creating your own MP3, MP4 and WAV ringtones from your own music collections without paying a penny using WavePad, which you can use for free.

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