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Auto-restoration of the previously opened pages is a panicky feature in Firefox 3

Firefox 3 trys to get smarter over firefox 2, but some of the little features are really frightening sometimes. For example, the auto-restoration feature of the previously opened tabs and windows, what happens in this case is after re-starting firefox 3 which is having a few pages opened in different tabs and re-launching it, all your previously-open tabs and windows are automatically (without asking you to confirm, note it asks you to confirm reload them in firefox 2) restored. Holly smoke, I feel really annoyed because sometimes I have to restart firefox and start a fresh firefox session to get rid of those hanging tabs/pages, and now I am back in that again.

I tried to search for a solution on mozilla.org, unfortunately, nobody is mentioning that, so I guess I am probably the only one experiencing it. However, I am still hoping someone can tell me how to turn it off


June 25, 2008 Posted by | Opinions | , | 1 Comment