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Tips of Disable Firefox 3.0 Smart Location Bar

Hey, man, firefox 3 is fast, great on memory handling, excellent user experience and great with add-on manager, I feel so happy to have it around, especially after so many times of crashs and memory hogging of firefox 2 in all my environment recently. However, after a new days of use, I notice that the new “smart location bar” or “awesome bar” is really annoying, I don’t know how many people really like it, especially when you really only want it popping up the list of the related and previously entered URLs/IP addresses. I really feel dizzy when seeing all related URLs popped up like a cloud (tag clouds). There is no decent way to turned off from its option manager. Anyway, I think some of you may feel the same I do. Therefore, we need to turn this thing off!

Steps to get rid of it:

Step 1: Type about:config in the location bar
Step 2: Type “urlbar” next to Filter field
Step 3 Change two things here:
set browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped to true
and browser.urlbar.maxRichResults to 1 or 0.

Here is a list of articles on how to turn off this beast in details:

  1. Get old location bar behavior back?
  2. How To Turn off Smart Location bar in Firefox 3.0
  3. Firefox 3: Disable The “Smart” Location Bar (Sort Of)
  4. Video: Disable Firefox 3’s ‘awesome bar’


Possible values and their effects
0  –  Search anywhere within available text, irrespective of word boundaries.
1  –  Use word boundaries first when searching, then try matching anywhere in the text. (Default)
2  –  Use only word boundaries when searching for typed text in the Location Bar autocomplete.


Possible values and their effects
A non-negative integer corresponding to the maximum number of entries that can appear in the Location Bar auto-complete dropdown. Default is 12

I hope you feel relaxing now just like me do!


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