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JDeveloper and Eclipse shortcuts compared

Eclipse is very popular IDE for java community and it also supports other languages such as PHP, C and C++. I use Eclipse for my development for many years, and I just love it so much. I will always ponder if Eclipse could do the same for me anytime I need to work on different projects. Even recently on a project which must use Oracle ADF framework, but it turns out this time I have to use JDeveloper to develop the project. Well, what I really expect from JDeveloper is what I can get from Eclipse. So here is the list of shortcuts that I always want to have no matter if I am using Eclipse, Netbeans and JDeveloper.

Shortcut JDeveloper Eclipse
1. Code Formatting Ctrl + Alt + L Ctrl + Shift + F
2. Go to line Ctrl + G CTRL + L
3. Navigation Alt + left and Alt + Right Alt + left and Alt + Right
4. Open Resource Menu Navigate -> View Type Hierarchy Ctrl + Shift + R
5. Organize imports Alt + Enter (One at a time) and Ctrl + Alt + O (All at once) Ctrl + Shift + O
6. Open Type Hierarchy Menu Navigate -> View Type Hierarchy Ctrl + T
7. Close all Opened documents Ctrl + Shift + F4 Ctrl + Shift + F4
8. Open declarations Don’t know Ctrl + O
9. Open Editor Don’t know Ctrl + E
10. Line Comment Ctrl + /

Note Ctrl + / without selection will move cursor to the next line

Ctrl + /
11. Comment your selection using /* and */ Don’t know Ctrl + Shift + /
12. Rename Ctrl + Alt + R Alt + Shift + R
13. extract to Local Variable Ctrl + Alt V or Ctrl + Alt + F Alt + Shift + L
14. extract to Method Ctrl + Alt + X Alt + Shift + M
15. Open Declaration Context menu -> Go to Declaration F3
16. Save your document Ctrl + S Ctrl + S
17. Reload your project Press the refresh button F5
18. Indent your line or selection Tab or Shift Tab Tab or Shift Tab
19. Code assistence Ctrl + Space Ctrl + Space
20. list all the shortcuts Don’t know Ctrl + Shift + L

Please add your comments if you think I am missing anything

This article is based on Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3 and Eclipse 3.3.2

UPDATE @06/24/2008: Swap Eclipse and JDeveloper columns, my mistake!


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  1. I think you swapped the JDeveloper and Eclipse columns.
    While you are learning shortcuts in JDeveloper you might be interested in this blog entry:
    10 Eclipse Navigation Shortcuts Every JDeveloper User Should Know
    As well as this one:

    And the list of keyboard shortcuts in JDeveloper is in the online help here:

    Comment by shay | June 24, 2008 | Reply

  2. Shay,
    Thanks for the catch. Your links are very useful and I will spend sometime on your blog soon

    Comment by ikool | June 24, 2008 | Reply

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